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Lisa Malloy Bio

Lisa Malloy

Lisa was born in Telluride, CO and grew up in Chevy Chase, MD where her amazing grandmother, Martha Wills, taught her the art of entertaining. Martha considered every detail – from beautifully drafted invitations to thoughtfully planned menus – with one goal in mind: to make each guest feel special, as though the party was planned just for them. For Martha, the extra effort was always worth it: In her house, handwritten notes to relatives and friends were pleasurable necessities.

Her grandmother’s personalized finishing touches delighted Lisa and sparked her imagination. She would cherish pulling out linens wondering what does the “S” stand for or who is the “RVF” embossed on a set of stationery. Each monogram marked a story Lisa wanted to know.

After graduating from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, Lisa relied on all her grandmother’s lessons honing her skills as an event planner in New York City at various companies, including Bear Stearns and Morgan Stanley.

Lisa put her career on hold to raise three young children in Stamford, CT but missed working with clients, paying attention to fine details and helping people feel special through personal touches.

In 2018, Lisa Wills Monograms was born.