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A monogram allows you to add a pop of color, make it personal and leave your mark.

Custom Embroidery & Monogramming in Stamford, CT

Make your next gift extra special with embroidery and monogramming in Stamford, CT, by Lisa Wills Monograms. Lisa has perfected the art of creating personalized gifts for any occasion. She is the in-house monogrammer at Browne & Co., the unique gift shop and café in Darien, Connecticut. Simply bring your item to the store or drop it off at Lisa's home in Stamford. Lisa will create a custom design and complete the job within just two days. Contact us today!

Personalized Clothes and Gifts

Add a personal touch to any piece of clothing with the services of Lisa Wills Monograms. As an experienced monogrammer, Lisa has the skills to add virtually any design to your clothes or other products. Custom monograms let you easily add a company logo, personal message, or other images to nearly any product. 

By adding a monogram to a gift, you will make it truly special and memorable for whoever receives it. Lisa can easily add a loved one’s name or initials to the gift in nearly any color or style. This is ideal for making customized gifts for wedding, bridal parties, corporate gifts, special events, and baby showers. 

Many Designs to Choose From

Lisa offers several unique font styles and designs when working on your embroidery. This lets you further customize your message to make it even more personal or fun. There are also a number of colored threads to choose for your design, and Lisa can even use multiple colors when it is required. No matter what color, style, or design you want for your monogram, Lisa will always work to ensure that you are satisfied with the final result.

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Personalize any item with custom monogramming and embroidery.

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About Lisa Wills Monograms

Lisa Wills Monograms is a monogramming and embroidery business in Stamford, Connecticut. Lisa is a skilled monogrammer who does meticulous work for individuals, families, and businesses throughout the area. With fast turnaround times and convenient drop-off locations in Stamford and Darien, Lisa makes it easy for clients to customize any item with a name, logo, or design of their choice.

Contact Lisa to learn more about adding custom monograms to your gifts or clothes. She proudly serves Stamford, CT, and surrounding areas.

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